Here’s a look at the issues I faced when I moved over to the lovely Godot 3.0.

Edit: Rémi Verschelde was kind enough to take a look and offer advice and solutions. I’ve included what he said within the context of the origional post.


This was the first problem I had to tackle because the previous fonts were no longer supported and the game wouldn’t run. Fonts have changed quite a bit so I had to instead create a Dynamic Font and set the custom_font property again to a fair few scenes! This took a while. The Your First Game tutorial in the Godot docs has information on importing Dynamic Fonts.

alt text

After this, I could at least run the first scene.

alt text


Next up was an error I wasn’t expecting! It asked me to change the argument name to something other than the function name. So I guess the editor can tell I don’t really know to code well. “Fair enough,” I thought and moved on.

alt text

get_pos() and set_pos()

I used a lot of get_pos() and set_pos() with all the different units moving about and such. Without the inclusion of a global search and replace, I looked over my scripts and replaced the functions with just position.

alt text

FPS and OS -> Engine

Frames per second is important information and this has changed from OS.get_frames_per_second() to Engine.get_frames_per_second()

alt text

Remaining Issues

The above changes were enough to get the main Battle Scene working! But as you can see, there are many issues to fix! The most pressing are:

  • Fix remaining Tween node animations
  • Re-write the shader to allow for team colours once again
  • Several of my scenes don’t seem to be hiding or showing themselves correctly when asked to

alt text

Stay tuned for part two!