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Session 10

Arrival at Baldur’s Gate

  • Friendly Fire met a sorcerer on the road to Baldur’s Gate named Illuvitar.
  • They made their way through the Storm Peaks and encountered a bridge troll named Derrik. They conned him, broke into his home, left 5 gold and stole a bean.
  • They came across stone statues in the mountains before being ambushed by Basilisks. One of the statues turned out to be Ozol - the hero of this story.
  • Dornal accidentally split Ozol’s petrified body in half.
  • The party met nobles traveling to the Fire Festival in Baldur’s Gate.
  • While sleeping, an ooze started pouring out of Mduduzi’s armor. It turned out to be Jenni, Gidius’ pet that had reformed themselves after Mduduzi took a sample in Gidius’ Tower. They turned around and headed back south.
  • In Candlekeep, the party cleared rats in the storehouse as a favor to Reevor the evil dwarven Cleric. He said he’d help Ozol.
  • Belba sent a message on wards to Baldur’s Gate via a shifty contact in the Candlekeep Inn.
  • After several days, the party arrived in Baldur’s Gate.
  • Outside the city limits, the Fire Festival was setting up tents.
  • They decided to stay in the Splurging Sturgeon, just south of the Blushing Mermaid in the Upper City.
  • Mduduzi gave up his Armor of the Phoenix to the blacksmith Bob. He agreed to make improvements over the coming days if Jiveeshi helped and the party promoted his work.
  • In Tinkmaster Cogwozzal’s shop, Belba purchased the Gloves of Magnetic Impulse. The party also agreed to promote Cogwozzal’s work. They got special gnome-sized Cogwozzal T-shirts.
  • Mduduzi also left his sword so Cogwozzal could tinker with it.
  • Jiveeshi went to see the nearby Jewelcrafter, Enrica. She had issue with a past partner and requested Jiveeshi find him and punch him. Jiveeshi did as she asked and returned one of his teeth to her. She seemed pleased and let him have some of her Jewelcrafting notes.
  • Belba made her way the the Blushing Mermaid to find her old Thieves Guild contact, Zackary. She met him and Samantha at the back of the tavern. He explained that the Ravenfall refugees had gone missing and he suspected one or more elite members in Baldur’s Gate were corrupt and suppressing information.
  • Dornal entered the Blushing Mermaid seeking familiar faces. He was met by Yahir, a sailor who followed the deity Umberlee. He challenged Dornal to meet him at Skull Rock the next day at dusk as he believed one of them should have died in a past naval battle.
  • Mduduzi went to the gardens where druids were tending to the plants. He approached an elven druid meditating under a large tree. He asked to learn more about the ways of nature but she refused. After seeing his motives were pure, she agreed and touched his forehead sending him into a deep trance. Vines formed under him and a large flower encased him in its petals.
  • The rest of the party met back at the Splurging Sturgeon.
  • Belba found a listening device in her room and set a trap at her door.
  • The party slept.

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Session 11

Dornal’s Demise

  • Belba was visited in the night by Samantha. She took back her Stone of Hearing and asked the party to meet with her and Zackary after he returned from gathering information.
  • Meanwhile, Mduduzi found himself in a dreamscape where he met with Hadrox, the bear Ancient of the wild. He tested Mduduzi’s resolve and found him worthy. He sent Mduduzi back to his body along with his blessing.
  • Mduduzi told a group of apprentice druids of this and they started calling him Mduduzi the Chosen One. Mduduzi seemed to enjoy this.
  • The elven druid who sent him to Hadrox turned into a flurry of leaves and vanished into the wind.
  • The party all met up at the Splurgin Sturgen for breakfast and to discuss plans.
  • Jiveeshi and Dornal went to a nearby temple. Jiveeshi looked to identify the silver locket he picked up from a battle with a werewolf several days ago but the priest there told him it was not magical. He opened it to see a delicate picture of a human woman carved into the silver.
  • On his way out, Dornal disrespected the great temple of Umberlee by spitting and insulting the sea goddess. Guards were summoned and Dornal was forced to pay a fine of 200 gold else they would take the matter to the city guard.
  • Jiveeshi spent the rest of the morning helping blacksmith Bob with upgrading Mduduzi’s armor. He later met up with Enrica and Belba (who broke into the shop to tinker with her poison kit)
  • Dusk started creeping over Baldur’s Gate when the party met up at the docks to secure passage to Skull Rock. They met a fisherwoman named Janet who agreed to take them across in her boat.
  • As the sun set, they arrived to see Jahir waiting for them by his campfire, grinning through the flames.
  • As figures draped in purple robes stepped out of the shadows, he revealed he had gathered a new crew since his last naval encounter with Dornal.
  • They attacked, relentlessly focusing the cleric.
  • While brutes hacked away at the boat with their axes eventually sinking it, spellcasters launched spells at Dornal that cut through his defenses.
  • He fell unconscious and Mduduzi and Belba rushed to his side to protect him. His breath shallow, Belba tried administering a healing potion but another spell hit him, causing him to cough up blood and start bleeding out.
  • Jahir maneuvered around sensing victory was near. He charged forward, recklessly swinging his axe. The first strike dug into the dirt beside Dornal’s body. Frustrated, he ripped it from the ground, parried a swing from Mduduzi and made one final strike at his prize. The blade sunk deep into Dornal’s chest. He pushed his weight down on the axe. “I told you this would happen,” he spat as the air from Dornal’s lungs escaped one last time.
  • Shaken, the remaining party members steeled themselves and fought on, eventually dispatching Jahir and his crew.
  • They investigated the nearby cave and discovered a blood ritual was prepared. Jiveeshi sought to find a secret entrance and dragged the recently deceased purple cloak corpses onto the slabs.
  • Blood channeled down and collected into a central bowl. The braziers flickered and turned purple.
  • The ground shook. Dark clouds appeared overhead bringing thunder, rain and lightning. The party looked to the storm as a gigantic shape of a dragon burst from the ocean, sending a bellowing roar across the water. It disappeared into the clouds, flying towards Baldur’s Gate. The dark ritual was complete.

Session 12


  • As the dragon disappeared into the clouds, a bright red light flashed and filled the cave. Behind the party, the central bowl was glowing a deep crimson. The party discovered a rough red crystal within. Belba put it into the bag of holding which triggered a roar from across the sea. She quickly pulled the crystal back out fearing the repercussions.
  • The party tried to fix Janet’s boat with little success. Frustrated, Mduduzi planted the bean he stole from Derrik the troll. It sprouted eleven Shriekers which mildly inconvenienced the party and deafened him.
  • The party decided to rest for the evening with hopes of a way out in the morning. Belba stayed up through the night looking out to sea for signs of rescue.
  • At dawn she made out something drifting towards the island. A bed of ice slid onto the shore. On it was an elven male with short silver hair with a matching silver beard. He was unresponsive to healing but gained consciousness when Belba moved the red crystal near him.
  • It was revealed that he was the resurrected silver dragon, Algonoth. After assessing the crystal, he realized he was unable to sustain his dragon form due to the crystal’s poor quality.
  • Algonoth used ice magic to fix up the boat as best he could and the party headed back to Baldur’s Gate. He told the party of the five dragon guardians that protected this area of Faerûn and their eventual fall in the First War.
  • While Mduduzi used Dornal’s rigid body as an oar, the party was attacked by a Giant Octopus which picked off several party members and threw them out of the boat. As the tentacles began wrapping around the boat, Jiveeshi made a final strike at its head with Soulrend, killing the beast and stealing its soul.
  • At Baldur’s Gate, the party rushed to the Temple of Talos to find a priest to resurrect Dornal. They pooled their gold and began the ritual. They each contributed to the ritual to persuade Dornal’s soul to return to the material plane. It was just enough to bring him back and Dornal awoke, exhausted.
  • Friendly Fire then headed to the Blushing Mermaid to meet up with Zackary and Samantha as planned. They saw Samantha outside Zackary’s quarters, disgruntled by the party’s tardiness. She asked them to leave their weapons outside and made checks on each of them to make sure no weapons got through.
  • Inside, Zackary told the party that he had gathered intel on a trade meeting between the larger trade factions of Faerûn happening in two days time. It would be in this meeting that the Council of Four would also attend. He asked the party to try and discern which, if any, council members was corrupted as he suspected.
  • On their way to various errands, the party learned that the Fire Festival had officially begun.
  • Mduduzi picked up his longsword from Cogwozzal. The Gnome had magnetized it and wished Mduduzi to get two customers to him within the week as payment.
  • Meanwhile, Dornal spent time at the Temple of Talos tending to the wounded.
  • Jiveeshi spent the day working at the blacksmith shop. He asked Algonoth to come with him to the jeweler’s shop to see if he could improve the red crystal which was tied to Algonoth however the crystal was no longer in his possession. In its place was a single Stone of Hearing.
  • In the evening, Belba sought advice from Dornal about faith. She stayed in his room as the night drew in.